Our highly training consultants, work around the clock to ensure that not only are you kept in continuous employment, but we also provide extensive training options, many of which are provided free of charge. Those that aren’t free are provided at heavily discounted rates.

Registering for the first time will not be a simple form filling exercise. The consultant will spend time with you to understand your experience and your preference for certain assignments.

We pride ourselves on getting our workers pay correct, first time and have systems in place to ensure that your pay is correct first time.

What documents do you need when applying for work with LS Contract Solutions
If you are attending our office to register for employment, please ensure you bring the appropriate documentation with you:

All candidates must supply the following documentation at registration:


  • Passport of another form of photographic ID.
  • Compatibility assessments.
  • NI Details.
  • Bank Details.
  • CV (if applicable)
  • Employment History
  • Immigration Documentation if required

In addition, you will be required to bring supporting documents, some of which will depend on your relevant field:


  • Counterpart Driving License (if applicable).
  • Photocard Driving License (if applicable)
  • Digital Tacho Card (if applicable)
  • Certificates or Licences (if applicable)

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