ClientsWe focus our services not only on assisting and supplying a range of temporary, permanent and contract staff within this industry, but also provide training for our candidate’s, and tailor-make recruitment solution packages for clients on our off site.

Our workforce must undergo strict testing prior to commending employment. We test our candidates in a range of areas relevant to their particular field, RTD/WTD (working time directive) knowledge, geographical and dexterity skills are just some of the areas in which we test.

We personally pre-screen, interview, evaluate, and check selected references of potential candidates to ensure that they meet your specifications.


  • Flexible workforce available to cover 24 hours – 7 days per week, 365 days a year
  • Tailored rates to suit your business requirements
  • Onsite team for customers should they require at no extra cost
  • Free advice from employment law, salary scales and local employment conditions
  • Candidate Testing and Training processes. Including CRB checking.
  • We are available for tenders for staffing across all industries
  • Clients are able to have immediate access to RTD/WTD, WTD, Candidate availability, past, present and future Bookings, costs incurred and a host of other data types that are accessible in ‘real time’ with the system we have in place.


  • Free training for all candidates to NVQ and CPC Level, thus enhancing the quality of staffing to all our Clients’
  • Qualified recruiters in the industry
  • Off and Onsite consultants to assist with the planning, deployment and management of the temporary workforce across the UK
  • Free Advice – A LS Contracts Driving Assessor is available at all times for advice and training on RTD/WTD, Analogue and Digital tacho and other related items